P11Ds and Employees who don't Self Assess

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Hi there,
So far for all my limited company directors, I have filed a P11D via my payroll software and then entered it under benefits in the Self Assessment and again as an expense to zero it out so they are not taxed on it.
This year I have a few companies with two or three employees who don't self assess but for whom I have to file P11Ds. I am not sure whether to do it with my payroll software and make a seperate s336 caim or to post both the P11D and P87 together. What do you usually do in this case?


  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    I haven't done one since 2011, but I posted the P11Ds off altogether (as I couldn't file via software then) and then sent a copy of the P11D with each P87. I then got a dispensation so I haven't had to do it since - could you do this to save you the bother next year?
  • Antoinnette
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    Thanks Rozzi! Posting the P11Ds sounds like the most straight forward way to do it. Yes I have applied for a dispensation this year so should be much easier.
  • MarieNoelle
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    The reporting of tax deductible expenses will be exempt from 6th April 2016 - there will be no need to report reimbursed business expenses falling within S336 so you won't need a dispensation anymore.
    AntoinnetteRozzi Rainbow
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