guys please help me stuck AAT practise assessment

Peter9994 Registered Posts: 3
Hi All

If anyone can help me to solve Task 8 in Practise Assessment 2. I know how do the first bit, but I'm stuck with number of miles operated RT11. And also with Total contributed earned RT11.

If anyone so kind to help me.


  • Kkadijat
    Kkadijat Registered Posts: 28
    Some time numbers of miles operated has already been given as miles travelled in route.
    The one ranked 1st get all it's miles travels in route as numbers of miles operated from the hours of travel time available and then the 2nd and the 3rd and some only gets parts of their mileage as share from travel time available.

    NUMBERS OF MILES OPERATED = numbers of hours allocated DIVIDED by drivers hour per mile. Drivers hour per mile is calculated as (total drivers time required (hours) divided by miles travelled in routes).

    TOTAL CONTRIBUTION EARNED = Contribution per driver hour multiply* by numbers of mile operated.

    Hope this help.

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