Budgeting Level 4 Practice Assessment 1, Task 3(b)

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I'm stuck at this point of the Operating Budget:
Closing inventory of finished goods (In the assessment performance feedback it says that this is valued at budgeted production cost per unit) but how do I find this value??? The answer is 8825 but I cannot work out how it is calculated, can anybody help?


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    Sorry this is from the Osbourne Book "Preparing and Using Budgets"
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    Hi d.

    1000 from closing inventory of finished goods * 8.825 =8825

    8.825 will come from total of raw materials+direct Labour+production overheads divide 28000 which is production....

    Hope this helps :)
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  • dalmatiandalmatian Just Joined Posts: 37Registered
    Yes, it does. Many thanks! :)
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