How long to prepare for BTAX and PTAX

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Hi everyone

I'm trying to find weekend exam dates for my BTAX and PTAX exams. I was wondering how long it took other people to prepare for them and which one needs the longest time?



  • Jade Hunt
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    I spent 5/6 weeks on each of these units.

    PTAX I really enjoyed (plus I think most people in accounts know a little bit about personal tax), so was slightly cocky and probably didn't do as much revising as I should have. I passed, but I think it was probably close.

    BTAX was completely new to me, so I have been spending more time on this unit and have my exam tomorrow.

    It really depends on how many hours you can put in to your studies each week?
    I would say I have probably studied around 15 hours a week for Business Tax.
  • wabisabi
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    Thanks, Jade - that's really helpful.

    I can get a 10 week gap between finishing budgeting and doing one of the tax exams, then another 7 weeks before the next one (though I will be fitting in holidays too + work).

    BTAX looks the more substantial of the two so might do that first ...

    Good luck with the exam tomorrow :)
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