Hello Guys :)
Is anyone here who is going to start LEVEL 4 and need books?
I have all new books if anyone is interested. I could sell them for £130.


  • Exauditor1978
    Exauditor1978 Registered Posts: 7
    hi i am planning to start my level 4, is there any way we can negotiate your price?
  • P.Sokolowska
    P.Sokolowska Registered Posts: 4
    Hey :)
    of course how much you willing to pay?
    could you tell me, would you like me to post it to you or you going to pick up?
    Thank you.
  • jamran08
    jamran08 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi P.Sokolowska
    I am interested to buy this
  • P.Sokolowska
    P.Sokolowska Registered Posts: 4
    Hey, are yoy still interesting to buy those books?
  • jemmaedwards12
    jemmaedwards12 Registered Posts: 13

    I am selling my full set of BPP AAT level 4 books on eBay. All in perfect condition with no writing in.

    Please follow this link - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322240403610

    Item is ending Sunday 4th September.
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