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Hi, could someone advise me on a client who has been employed for part of the year and then left and set up on his own for the last part of the 14/15 tax year. Do i just enter his self employed figures as the Employment will have taken care of itself.

many thanks.


  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi Louise,
    if your client has been asked to fill in a self assessment tax return you need to complete all relevant forms - Employment, Self-employment, investment income etc...
    I assume he has let HMRC know he is now self employed?
  • LouiseRichardson
    LouiseRichardson Registered Posts: 9

    Yes he has advised HMRC and been self employed for a few months. Guess i jst need his P60 from his old employment and then his accounts for his self employment element. Is that correct.
  • Gem7321
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    Hi Louise
    Are you a MiP and licensed in self assessment?
  • stevo5678
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    You need to complete all of the relevant sections depending on income sources. If he was employed in the year then the income from the P45 must be included and so must the self employment income.
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