AAT 2013 Osbourne Level 3 and 4 Books FOR SALE

sking89 Registered Posts: 2
Hi All

I have all Level 3 Osbourne 2013 standards books for sale. Excellent condition. Any writing was done in pencil and is now erased.

I also have all Level 4 Osbourne Books for sale - the two optionals are business and personal tax.

Please let me know if you are interested in the whole sets are individual books??

Looking for £70 for each set please?? Includes tutorials and workbooks.

Thanks :)


  • HollieP
    HollieP Registered Posts: 3
    edited June 2015
    If you still have the level 3 books I would like to make an offer of £50 please x

    Also, what is the year of publication? For the Indirect Tax book, is it based on the Finance Act 2014? Thanks
  • amian
    amian Registered Posts: 6

    I am interested in buying AAT level 3 books for £55 if you are still selling them.

    also when exactly did you buy this set, reason for asking this because I don't want to buy outdated version of this set.

    I also want to ask the publication year for the Indirect Tax book, is it based on the Finance Act 2014? thanks
  • EvieMolloy
    EvieMolloy Registered Posts: 1

    I am interested in your Level 4 AAT books. Could you please send me a list of all the books you have (hoping the tax ones are the 2014 tax act?!) to [email protected] thank you!
  • kylef6
    kylef6 Registered Posts: 1
    If you still have your level 3 books I'd be interested in buying them? Thanks
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