Cost and Revenues

I am really struggling with this topic. It seems really alien to me. I have never used this in the work place and probably never will. Its a massive topic - can anyone give me a simple way to remember it all and more importantly understand it! I fear I am going to fail my AAT just because of this topic :(


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    Hi @SallySilva

    Sorry to hear that you're having problems. We posted an article on AAT Comment last week around Cost and revenues which many students found useful. Maybe start with that and see if it helps you out?

    We'll also tweet this topic and see if we can get some tips from other members for you.

    Kind regards
    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support:
  • SallySilva
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    Thanks Christian - its just a topic I cannot relate to at all, I have asked for help at the college but been referred to the books !
  • shamil91
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    Hi there,

    What do you seem to be finding difficult about this topic in particular? I can have a quick read on it and break it down for you if that may help you out.

    Kind regards

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