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I've been considering doing the AAT for some time now but I'm concerned about exactly what jobs will be open to me after qualification. On job search engines, related jobs always seem to ask for experienced bookkeepers/payroll administrators without specifying any particular qualifications, unless it requires a Chartered Accountant.

So my question is what job titles should I be searching for once I have the AAT? Will they all be in payroll/bookkeeping? And as I'm too old for an apprenticeship (26) how can I get relevant experience either during or after the AAT course? I do not have any background in accounting.


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    Hi @jm565

    Good to hear you’re interested in studying with us. I appreciate what you’re saying with regards to job descriptions; it’s not always clear what recruiters want.

    Did you know that we have a subsection of the forums where employers advertise job vacancies for AAT students? It might be worth giving this a quick read now as you'll start to get an idea of how recruiters word roles that would be ideal for you.

    We’ve have a couple of threads regarding where AAT can take you career-wise; they’re very comprehensive and go into detail about how you apply for your first accounting role. They also explain the type of vacancies you could realistically apply for after completing each level of the AAT Qualification, which I will also copy below:

    Level 2
    • Finance Assistant
    • Bookkeeper
    • Accounts Administrator
    • Payroll Administrator
    • Data entry
    • Purchase/Sales Ledger Clerk

    Level 3
    • Finance Officer
    • Bookkeeper
    • Audit Trainee
    • Corporate Recovery Analyst
    • Credit Controller
    • Insolvency Executive

    Level 4
    • Finance Officer (higher level)
    • Finance Team Leader
    • Commercial Analyst
    • Financial Accountant
    • Indirect Tax Manager
    • Senior Bookkeeper
    • Tax Supervisor
    • VAT Accountant

    As for your age restricting you from applying for an apprenticeship, the short answer is no, age isn't a factor. In fact, earlier this year Barclays announced a scheme to train over-50s as apprentices to give them a career in banking.

    The only issue is that you would not be eligible for a government funded apprenticeship, as you're over 24. You can read up on the funding options available to you on our website.

    If you were to go down the route of studying yourself, as per your suggestion, you could try volunteering as a way to get work experience. This method works for many AAT members to help them get their foot in the door, an example below.

    As an AAT member, you also have access to a range of tools and resources to help you get your first job, including: Moving forward, I'd advise that you request a callback with a member of AAT staff to discuss your options in more detail. You can also order a free AAT info pack, and tweet us at @StudyAAT.

    We're also happy to answer any other questions that you might have in this thread. :)

    Kind regards

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