Internal controls and accounting systems

Please help me with the start of my report as I have no idea how to do it :(
How the introduction should look like?

Thank you.


  • jen807
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    Not sure if this is too late for you but remember this is an introduction, it needs to be short and to the purpose/

    Something like the purpose of this Report is to evaluation the Current Accounting systems of XYZ, with particular compliance to policies and the policing of policies.

    Next (short) paragraph, gave a very brief outline of the Company. how they came about and what market they operate in

    Lastly a short paragraph on what I did, ie questioned the effectiveness of the policies, revealed weaknesses and suggest solutions.

    The whole of the Introduction took about 200 words.

    If it helps, I actually did most of the Report and wrote the introduction afterwards, because by that stage you have done the work, know how you did it and what you found out and how if could be rectified.

    Good luck, actually the worst bit is getting started!
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