Professional Ethics

Hi, I have one exam left to sit for my lvl3 and its the professional ethics exam. I have read the book supplied by Home Learning College about five times now as it was a very tedious subject matter and took a few attempts to retain the info and get through, I now feel that I have a good grasp on the subject matter and pass all the green light tests and understand all the e-learning modules, however when It come to the example CBP on MYAAT I am struggling to grasp some of the scenarios and what is being asked, this is very different to all the other exams I have sat so far for lvl 2 and 3. I currently and have always worked in Business and never in a practice which I feel isn't helping me as the whole unit seems to be based around practice. Any advice or tips on how to approach the exam or revise really appreciated as my exam is booked for the 22nd June.


  • Donna Curling
    Donna Curling Registered Posts: 59 ? ? ?
    have you tried watching films to see why it is important Erin Brockovich, the Rogue Trader - lots of post it notes everywhere you go, try a mind map. AAT website podcast, Auntie Ethal etc are very good. Good luck
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
  • richf
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    I hated this module, for me flashcards were the way forward.
    And lots of practice questions.
  • Crackers
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    Hooray!! Passed that's lvl 3 all done =)
  • StuartBates
    StuartBates Registered Posts: 2
    Congratulations, I too found this unit challenging because it was vastly different to the rest of the course. I am now working through CSTR as my final unit.
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