ISYS Cost Benefit Analysis

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My tutor wants me to net off costs and benefits to end up with a net cost or benefit. Any suggestions on doing this as my cost benefit analysis contains a mix of one off costs and benefits, annual costs and benefits, and others benefits which are not easily quantifiable in monetary terms. Should I leave out anything that cannot have a value put onto it and then do comparisons of one off costs and a separate comparison of annual costs?
Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Your approach sounds sensible enough, I'd go with that. Depending on the length of the section, you could combine that with a v.brief recap of your non-monetary items either as a headline paragraph (mini executive summary just for the section) or as a conclusion to the section.
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    Bpp suggest a appendix table with Tangible Cost, Intangible Cost, Tangible benefit and Intangible benefit as headings.

    Then in section on cost/benefit just summarise.

    Not sure if that's helpful too you, but might help with structure.

    I'm starting this section next week.
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