CJBS and Processing Bookkeeping Transactions AAT Kaplan books 2014/15 - for sale

bettyyy94 Registered Posts: 1
Hi I am selling two Level 2 AAT books (kaplan 2014-15) along with their relevant pocket notes.
The first book is Control Accounts, Journals and the Banking System text and workbook 2014-15 along with the CJBS pocket notes. The workbook and text is almost new (read but in perfect condition, never written in etc) and the pocket notes have never been touched!

The second book is processing bookkeeping transactions with the pocket notes (2014-15) - same details as above.

I have no need for these books as I have passed these exams.

I'm selling both for £17 which is a fab price for a like new text/workbook and brand new pocket notes!

Thanks :)
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