PETH Question help?

By holding client monies which 2 fundamental principles are threatened and how?

I'm thinking money laundering and fraud but these aren't fundamental principles.
So is it self interest and intimidation as these are threats.
Or is it PPCIO so I'd choose Integrity and Professional competence and due care

I'm struggling to know which information is required, i'm also not sure if my answers above are correct.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you


  • Donna Curling
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    You are on the right lines but refer the threat to the principle
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
  • welshwizard
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    Careful -this is similar to LIVE assessment question.

    Moderators please review
  • Bendy
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    welshwizard hope I've not done anything wrong posting this question I'm just trying to revise for my exam please remove thread if necessary.
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