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bank statement has been compared with the cash book and differences : bank charges of 121 were not entered in the cash book , a cheque received from customer for 280 has been recorded in the chas receipts book , but it has been dishonoured and this has not yet been entered in the records, a cheque for 765 to supplier has not yet been presented for payment at the bank , a direct debit of 650 to the local council appears only on the bank statement , balance showing on the bank stat, is debit of 660 and the balance in the cash book is a debit of 946 . Which three adjustments I need to make to the cash book , please help .


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    What is on the bank statement that still needs to in the cash book.

    Credit the cash book with

    Bank charges £121
    Direct debit of £650
    Dishonoured cheque £280

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