Looking for Level 4 books AQ 2013.

Hi how are you guys, I am looking for anyone who want to share or sell their AAT level 4 books AQ 2013.
Hope to hear from you guys.


  • ChristianB
    ChristianB Registered Posts: 197 ? ? ?
    Hi @Exauditor1978

    Did you know we have a special section of the forums where students can buy and sell AAT books?

    I'll move this post to that section so that other potential sellers will see it.

    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support: https://www.aat.org.uk/contact-us
  • Exauditor1978
    Exauditor1978 Registered Posts: 7
    Hi ChristianB appreciate your help thanks and regards,
  • Bean88
    Bean88 Registered Posts: 12 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Hi I have all Level 4 BPP textbooks and workbooks and passcards for sale if you're still interested?
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