Budgeting - Osborne workbook - practice assess 3, task 7 - page 84

dalmatiandalmatian Just JoinedPosts: 37Registered
Gives operating budget for June and actual budget available. Asks us to find the flexed budgets but am not sure how to begin. For eg. how do you find out the flexed budget sales revenue in the first place?


  • BlueJeansBlueJeans LondonPosts: 56Registered
    Hi D.

    1450000/50000 units (from Operating Budget for June page 83)=29*60000 units(sales revenue page 84)=1740000 so


    If you go through tutorial book (Osborne Book) you have lots of same examples there. :)

    Believe you can and you're halfway there...
  • dalmatiandalmatian Just Joined Posts: 37Registered
    Will do. Thanks again BJ :)
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