Level 4 or acca F1-3

Just finished level 3 AAT and not sure if I should continue level 4 or start at F1 acca papers as acca is something I would do after AAT anyway . Which is better ? Time and money efficient ?
Thank you


  • Rozzi Rainbow
    Rozzi Rainbow Registered Posts: 465 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Personally I would complete level 4, as this then gives you the opportunity to apply for full membership of the AAT and be able to use MAAT after your name. I did this before going onto ACCA. ACCA is a long slog, and if for any reason you decide it's too much, at least having completed level 4 will give you MAAT as a professional membership to fall back on.
  • handsome9595
    handsome9595 Registered Posts: 2
    thank you , i will use your advice.
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