Feeling down!

I work full time and have been trying to study level 4 in my spare time. My trading provider has givin me a timetable which I have stuck to and every practice exams they have given me I have passed but I have failed my last 3 exams (financial performance, statements and cash management). My frustration is that I don't know where I am going wrong, how am I meant to learn what I did wrong with competent and not competent. It also doesn't help that the test centre is a total dive, the last time I was there I was waiting outside for half an hour then another half an hour to get logged on to the computer and when I got in there was a bottle of gin on the table there was cat hair everywhere and during the exam the cat decide to come in the room and sit beside my monitor and lick itself. Exams are not cheap and I think an exam centre should be a bit more professional if I am handing over that much money, the staff don't even know what they are talking about either, they kept tell me that most people fail the ethics exam I don't know how many times I've told them that's level 3 not 4.

Rant over - just frustrated I think if maybe aat but a percentage mark on each task it would be easier to see what areas need to be focused on.

Feeling down in the dumps



  • richf
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    BPP mock exams have been useful for me, without them I would of no doubt failed tests.

    Maybe have a nose around on here or ebay for old BPP question bank books, jut check current standard though.

    I'd give you mine, but I'm a hoarder of textbooks.
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    Hi. I think if you ask your training provider they can obtain a more detailed results slip - they just don't tend to give then out as think they have to request them from AAT. Worth checking out though.

    I've just sat Financial Statements & think I've failed on a silly mistake that I didn't spot at the time but as soon as I came out & thought about it I realised. X
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    Hi Stacey,

    I also work full time (quite a demanding job) and I only study at the weekends. Since I have started level 4 I kind of became a bit isolated, and I definitely forgot what "social life" means. I find it much tougher than the previous ones, I probably don't enjoy it, but it has to be done if I want to get qualified.

    I feel very sympathetic despite not being able to help you. It's a relief to see that I am not the only one to feel down! Since I have started Level 4, I changed my approach to studying. I used to get an exam ready in about 4/5 weeks' time. This means I completed Level 2 and Level 3 in about one year. Level 4 is not comparable to the previous ones. It's just a completely different kettle of fish. I immediately realised I had to slow down and take it one bit at a time. I go through the books at least 4 times before I sit an exam. I passed the first two (budgeting and financial performance) and I am now tackling financial statements. Same sort of approach: slowly but (hopefully) surely.

    I don't think you can get any sort of feedback from AAT with regard to your assessment correction. I tried to ask for it some time ago (when I sat Professional Ethics) but I was told they do not provide it. You could try and email them, perhaps things have changed in the meantime.

    As far as the test centre, do you have alternative places to go in your area? That would help.

    I do have some self-made revision notes for Financial performance should you need them. Nothing special, just a spread sheet with the summary of my tutorial book. I always find it useful to go through the AAT mocks over and over again. Sometimes it's better to concentrate on what you are supposed to be asked, rather than trying to memorise everything.

    Enjoy your day,

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    It's just a completely different kettle of fish.
  • KarenMustardTutor
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    Hi Stacey
    my commiserations for not passing your exams. It certainly is hard work to get AAT.
    Financial Statements and Financial Performance are the two biggest units.
    I would recommend picking one to resit.
    Use a text book and question bank, my students use BPP but I also use Osborne as well. Work through the chapter and then use the question bank to practice questions.
    Then work through the past papers in the question bank.
    AAT e learning is very helpful and marks your work so you can see what the weak areas are.
    I have Financial Statements revision notes on my website which may help you
    Good luck
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