Hi guys .

1) Regarding Level 4.
Just finished my Level 3 and with the right amount of work I did pass all my exams - It all seemed logic this year, I thought Level 2 more demanding as it was all new.

My question regarding Level 4 is - Is this Level much more demanding/difficult due to the amount of work required ? Or do you actually need a more "analytic brain" to succeed at this Level ??? Or is it a combination of both ???

thank you for you reply


  • emmalouise1
    emmalouise1 Registered Posts: 1
    Level 4 is much more demanding and more difficult but I don't think you need a more analytical mind to succeed. As long as you put the time in to learning the material and the formulas I think you shouldn't have a problem. Onto my last exam for Level 4!
  • zazou
    zazou Registered Posts: 4
    Thank you emmalouise - for your input and good luck with your last exam.
  • jen807
    jen807 Registered Posts: 9
    I would agree. I have just sat my final Level 4 exam this afternoon and the 6 week wait for the results will be a killer!!. What I would say about Level 4 is that if the elements are done in a logical order, there will be parts which you re-visit and this helps to reinforce your knowledge. Good luck, it will be worth it
  • KarenMustardTutor
    KarenMustardTutor Registered, Tutor Posts: 28
    The units in Level 4 are larger than at Level 3.
    Students who rely on last minute cramming find it difficult to succeed at Level 4. If you can study throughout the unit then you will find the final revision much easier
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