Thinking of becoming a MIP

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Hi guys,

I know this has been asked many times but I'm hoping you can still give me some advice.

I am currently working as an accounts manager and I became AAT qualified in 2013 and I'm thinking of setting up my on my own. I'd only be doing some bookkeeping work, Payroll and returns. I like looking at ways to save a company some money and help them to work as efficiently and profitable as possible so I could also offer some consultancy services I guess. I will only be doing this on weekends and evenings as I am working Monday - Friday.

One of the requirements to be a MIP is to have a professional referee but I don't think I could ask my boss for this, so not sure how to have this.

If you could share your stories on how you started and what preparations you made to start on your own that would be great :)

Thank you :)


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