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Financial Statements Exam


Am sitting my Financial Statements exam tomorrow & wondered if anyone has sat it recently - is it anything like practice assessments? Feeling very nervous about it now.



  • WongyWongy New Member Registered Posts: 14
    Its exactly like the AAT assessment.. I sat mine last week.. not sure how I have done.. When I look back I think I should have written more but.. its done....the hardest part is waiting for the results....if you have been practising and know your stuff you will be fine.. I was really nervous but it is very similar..Good Luck..go in confident and you will be fine :O)
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Registered Posts: 25
    Thanks for this.

    I'm ok on most of it but a few things do trip me up & it worries me that it'll carry down the assessment but can only do my best. Hoping cash flow doesn't pop up as that's one I still can't get 100%.

    I am going to re - read some of the chapters tonight & then just hope it's a nice paper tomorrow.
  • gagolepegagolepe Registered Posts: 1
    pips help a sister out? :'(
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Registered Posts: 25
    Sat the exam yesterday & not feeling overly confident - I messed up on revaluation in statement of financial position which would mess the totals up & the totals in changes in equity! He gutted as never realised until came out of exam.

    Think I did ok on rest of exam but don't think it'll be enough. Already set myself up for a resit in Sept.
  • BexsterBexster Registered Posts: 31
    It took me 3 times to pass mine and I have found the accruals & prepayments bit the hardest, just try and remember the P&L and Balance sheet bit as they are worth a lot of marks. Also just try and waffle on in the written questions to try and cover more points than needed (if you have time of course!)
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Registered Posts: 25
    I think I was just very nervous & not thinking straight - I don't mind failing just wish it didn't take 6 weeks to find out!! I did waffle in written questions - I always do.
  • HahmedHahmed Registered Posts: 27
    Don't worries guys you'll nail it next time around and do not give up thuffer123, fingers crossed for you pal.
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Registered Posts: 25
    Thanks Hahmed - I am keeping them crossed too as it was my last exam so will be very cross with myself if I have failed it. But until I get the results I have my weekends/evenings back!

    Hope all going ok for you
  • HahmedHahmed Registered Posts: 27
    No worries mate, I've got ISYS to submit as well as Business Tax.
  • thuffer123thuffer123 Registered Posts: 25
    Well I passed my FS exam so I am now officially Level 4 qualified!!!!! Very happy that its all over :-)
    Good Luck to you all x
  • HahmedHahmed Registered Posts: 27
    Well done mate just waiting on Business Tax, hope I did enough to pass
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