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I have just completed my Final module for AAT Level 4. We did not study Business Tax or Personal Tax, and as I would like at some point move into self-employment feel that these 2 modules would be essential for the kind of clients I would attract (mainly sole traders and the self employed). I am not in the position to go to college on day release, so really need to study them on distance learning. I have used Kaplan for most of Level 4, but can anyone out there suggest better self study books?
(My husband is laughing his head off, 'cos he says its taken me all of 2 hrs after my exam to miss studying!!)


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    Hi Jen807
    I have taught both of these units.
    I normally use BPP textbook and question bank. They are perhaps not the easiest books but are very detailed. There is also a lot of online material available through a code which comes inside the book.
    When I taught Business Tax this year the BPP books were not available and I switched to Osborne - they were excellent too.

    An important point is that AAT assess 1.1.xx - 31.12.xx based on the Finance Act of the previous year, this means that in 2015 all assessments are based on Finance Act 2014. Look for a text book that says Finance Act 2014. You will need to sit your exam before 31.12.2015.

    I have revision notes for Business Tax on my website

    I hope that is helpful
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