Level 3 Books Difference Between AQ2010 and AQ2013


Is there a massive difference between AQ2010 And AQ2013 as i have the AQ2010 books, i see that they have changed two of the exams from Cash Management and Value added tax to Accounts Preparation and Indirect Tax.

Are the Topics completely different in the two books or would i have to purchase the new books?



  • aat_trainingcompany
    aat_trainingcompany Registered Posts: 20
    Accounts prep. and prepare final accounts almost identical
    Indirect tax - radically different, so you need to buy these

    Professional ethics, radically different, so you need to buy these

    Spreadsheets, almost identical

    Costs and revenue, Internal rate of return is the main difference, else almost the same

    In most cases old books will do
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