Continuity of Practice nominee wanted

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Hi there, I'm new to the forum and surprise surprise my first post is a request for help!

I'm applying to register on the MIP scheme, before starting up a part time "micro-practice", offering only very basic bookkeeping, accounts and self assessment for sole traders. My expected turnover will be <£1,000 as I'm really only setting up to serve a few friends and friends of family who are themselves starting up as self employed traders.

Is there anyone who would be willing to be my Continuity of Practice nominee? I'm based in Ipswich, East Anglia. I have very few accountant contacts so in return I'll be referring any higher level accountancy work to the lucky accountant who can help me.

I'd be very grateful if anybody could offer to help, or even suggest alternative routes that I can try to find a suitable candidate.

Many thanks in advance

Oscar Doyle


  • KTR
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    Hi Oscar,

    I wonder if you find already a continuity of practice nominee?

    Many thanks,

  • Ryan Mundy MAAT
    Ryan Mundy MAAT MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 22 New contributor ?
    Happy to help if I can. I have the paperwork, which would need tailoring, but is otherwise straightforward.
  • aat_trainingcompany
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    It may be that you do not need it if you have < = 6 clients
    [email protected]
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