Full set of AAT Level 3 books - Excellent condition

Spoole1990 Registered Posts: 11
Selling full set of BPP AAT Level 3 textbooks in ***EXCELLENT CONDITION***. Came as part of my package and are worth around £120. Selling all 6 textbooks for a grand total of £70 plus P + P. Textbooks were barely used as I used online copies of the books. Would be straight forward to do level 3 using just these books and the study materials/ practice tests provided by AAT. If you would like any info/photos please do not hesitate to ask.


  • michelle342
    michelle342 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi are they Kaplan books and do u also have the rebision kits
  • Spoole1990
    Spoole1990 Registered Posts: 11
    Hi Michelle. No, as stated they are BPP textbooks and I have no revision kits for them x
  • lovestocount
    lovestocount Registered Posts: 1
    If you books are current copies and are suitable for the this years exams, I would be grateful if I could buy them from you :)
    Have you used the codes that enable me access the learning materials on line?

    Kind regards.
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