Home Learning College - Bad News

Is anyone currently using this organisation and, if so, what is your experience of them?

I can see a discussion thread on here back from 2012, which is pretty slating, and from what I am currently going through with them, things have not changed one bit. Is anyone on here going through hell with them, I would be interested to know as I am taring my hair out!!!


  • kelsmick
    kelsmick Registered Posts: 89
    I am with home learning college. I've not had any issues but to be fair i've not heard from them. The only time i did was to return marked assignments. Given that I paid alot of money for the course they have never once called to see how I am getting on which is a bit disappointing becuase I feel i could of just purchased books and self studied given the lack of tutor help / interaction I thought would of been benificial.
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