Feeling down, please help.

Hi all, I've found this site and need help and advice.

I am struggling with AAT Level 4, I'm re sitting my financial statements exam tomorrow and personal tax next week.

Yesterday I found out I failed Cash Management and two weeks ago I failed Financial Performance.

I'm resitting Financial Statements and Personal Tax from December and January as I was dealing with a Grievance and other personal problems which majorly affected my mental health.

I've got through those problems and I am progressing forward, but failing statements and personal tax was such a blow to my confidence.

I had sleepless nights, revising days on end for performance and cash management but my mind wasn't there.

Now I am worrying that I will not pass anything. I did budgeting two weeks ago and feel quite optimistic.

I'm not gonna be one of those people what says 'I got the hard questions' 'woe is me' it's clearly not good enough, but my god I have tried hard.

If any one can offer advice or have gone through similar situations, please, your comments are appreciated.



  • burg
    burg Moderator, FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,441
    I have not been through the scenarios given but can you review how you are currently studying? If you are distance how about a classroom based course on the ones you are not so good at? If I remember rightly the cost difference is not that much if you shop around. I can highly recommend White Horse TRaining in Bath if that is anywhere near you.

    If that is not an option then how about just some class based revision courses? Or try getting together with another student and see if you can help each other out.

    If you are already class based speak to your tutor.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

  • leption
    leption Registered Posts: 36
    I know its hard I too failed FP and Credit Control and I think I might have failed Personal Tax too I did that Last week. Its hard going but don't give. We'll get there in the end. I'm doing a resit at the end of July so I'll have to start revising all over again. I hope we'll get a job at the end of all this, but don't give up.
  • KimC
    KimC Registered Posts: 1
    I have three main bits of advice that I hope are useful.
    1- Focus on the long term goal - it is worth it
    2 - you need to know how you learn, for me question practice e and group discussions work best whilst other people are more visual or use use words/phrases to help them remember.
    3- revising on end doesn't work. You need to break it down into manageable chunks, do 20mins - 1hr then have a break your brain can not concentrate on extended periods of time. Also stop at least an hour before bed and watch TV/ read a book whatever you can do to switch off.

    Also as above if you havn't done a class revision day I highly recommend these.

    Hope this helps.
  • Bexster
    Bexster Registered Posts: 31
    Don't worry its taken me nearly two years to pass level 4 and I still have an exam left. i kept failing, retaking and failing!! Its very de-motivating but keep at it, it will pay off in the end, I'm hoping it does!!! I hate to say it but you just need to keep revising day after day.... but I'm in the same boat as you, its tough but keep plodding along and smiling of course!!!
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