Business Tax - Take 2

Hi All

Having to sit my Business Tax exam for a second time tonight.

Is it just me or are the AAT practice exams very different from the actual exam, giving you a false sense of success when revising?

Trying to remember the random questions thrown in when I first sat the exam but can't remember!!

Any tips?



  • Hahmed
    Hahmed Registered Posts: 27

    What was different about your Business Tax exam and the Practise paper 2014 online
  • Ana
    Ana Registered Posts: 10
    Yes, I found the same with the exam, quite tricky. They should have more mocks in the AAT website
  • Ana
    Ana Registered Posts: 10
    Hi Saw, did you past your business tax exam back in June? I failed in July and retaking on the 25th this month. I felt like you, such a weird exam. Calculations that I'm good at, I failed them in the exam. I remember doing it, it was something not right. Anyway, think positive and I will pass this time.
  • KarenMustardTutor
    KarenMustardTutor Registered, Tutor Posts: 28
    Have a look at this HMRC webinar if you need help with task 7 penalties and fines.
  • Ana
    Ana Registered Posts: 10
    Hi, any tips on matching shares on the business tax exam? Still I don't see it, thanks, Ana
  • j1994
    j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    Should I practice aat older past questions?
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