Cash Management

On the cshm sample assessment 1, task 3, I am having trouble getting to the correct balance
the question is

total sales for period 4 - 246495
and period 5 - 228045
The trade receivables balance at the end of period 5 is forecast to be £246585.......... I'm just not getting it?? can anyone help?


  • jtsebina1
    jtsebina1 Registered Posts: 2
    Can i get help on the same task 3 part c.....
  • MmeFroggy
    MmeFroggy Registered Posts: 8
    Hi I would love some help on this question too. Thank you.
  • cooldog
    cooldog Registered Posts: 20
    mrme89 said:

    Is that the whole question?

    I don't think it is, I took Cash Management before Christmas, and the questions are something like: Company X sells items, its customers pay 30% in cash in the month of receipt, 50% in the following month and the remainder 2 months later, what will the trade receivables be in May x5 if the opening balance is £x in April x5 etc.
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