Can I/Should I do level 4 ?!?!?

Hi all, So basically I want to progress onto level 4 but im having a slight problem as places that I have applied to have rejected me or have advised me to do another course(Like b-tech business etc) as I am "too young" (Just recently turned 17). I would like to Uni after completing level 4 , as I would be entered into the second year of uni .The colleges are concerned about ucas points but I know there are not much of an importance if I get the level 4 ,for my chosen uni
Any advice would be of much help , thanks :)


  • Hahmed
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    Which uni's accept level IV
  • Lelouch
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    Uni was a great time for me (still wish I worked harder though). But if you are purely after a job, finish Level 4 get your exemptions and start studying CIMA or ACCA as all graduate positions (if you are looking to stay in accountancy) require further study. You will be miles ahead of people at your age that went to Uni.
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    I kind of agree with the above. I loved uni and don't regret going for a second as I think the university experience offers more than just an education, BUT, I am now working with people who went straight into work after A Levels and were fully chartered 3 years later. I'm seeing all these young 20 something's who have a massive head start, with bags of experience, and literally have the world at their feet with no debt either.
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    I deffo agree i think for me its more the uni experience than working, ill take what you said into consideration though, thanks very much^^
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    Glad to help... If you are looking at the Uni experience I would really look at starting the first year rather than second. I think you will miss loads if you skip 1st year... good luck
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