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We offer, like many other practices, the use of our office address as a registered office for Limited Companies. We have a case whereby a director has dissapeared and we know he has moved and not at the address we hold. It is safe to say he is no longer a client as last contact was December 2013!

My question is two fold:-

1 - Can we change the address? We have nothing that says we can and we know the address we have is not an address of this person. It seems wrong to use this so I think we need to leave it.

2 - We need to learn from this going forward. Would the following be acceptable in our terms of engagement - In the case where you elect to use our offices, or an address associated with us, you agree that, if at any time, we deem you to have abused its use or you are no longer contactable or we remove the availability of it's use to you we shall change the registered office to an address you provide. In such a case where we have given you notice of a removal of the use of our address as the registered office and we have not has a response after 30 days we shall change the registered office address with Companies House to your current address or your last known address we hold on file.

We are hoping that by acting more swiftly in the future we would not be sure a client was not at an address and therefore in theory could change it to that last known. This would stop us from being inundated by HMRC and debt collectors where there are issues. Anyone else done or have anything similar in their terms of engagement?

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