Unsure about whether to commit to AAT - Need advice from current and past AATer's!

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I was wondering if any current and past AATer's could provide me with some advice. I'm currently working full time in a sales/finance admin role. However the pay is rubbish and I'm sick to the back of teeth of feeling that my career is going no where and I'm not doing a thing about it to try to improve my career prospects. I'm 25 years old and the people I know all around me are doing well in their jobs where as I feel like a failure. I'm so worried that I will do AAT and that it will result in not getting a job within the accountancy industry. I'm also worried about whether I will be able to cope with working full time and studying. I have no experience of accounting so I'm worried about whether I will be able to understand the concepts. I'm thinking about doing the AAT course with BPP as unfortunately my local college doesn't offer AAT Level 2,3 or 4 in the evening or on the weekend.

I'm desperate to improve my career prospects and to work towards something and have a goal in my life rather than just sitting in my office in my current job feeling miserable! Part of me really wishes I just take the plunge but I'm so worried that I won't understand accountancy or be completely rubbish at it. I really could do with some encouragement to change my life!

Any advice!
Many thanks :)


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    Do it! If you already work in finance admin you will probably be surprised by how much you already understand. Have you discussed your concerns with your current employer or highlighted the fact that you would like to progress to a role in finance? You might be surprised!

    I would start looking for junior/trainee positions within accountancy now (they may offer study support for AAT) but beware that you may have to take a considerable pay cut.
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    I think this day and age a qualification can go a long way and the AAT is a brilliant entry route in to a career in finance. I started out 3 years ago and I have one exam remaining on my Level 4. I was working as a carer when i began level 2 and the AAT has helped massively in firstly getting me in to the profession (of which you already have experience) and secondly driving me up the ladder. I studied all of the AAT through distance learning and self-funded it. It's been a long slog but it's worth it from my point of view. Employer's can see the determination and commitment from you because you're willing to further yourself. I wouldn't worry about not understanding it, that's what learning is all about and the AAT is structured fantastically to build the knowledge from the ground up!

    Good Luck!
  • Jan
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    Ok, you have two alternatives:-
    1. Continue sitting in your office feeling miserable and a failure (your words!!)
    2. Taking the plunge and making a go of it.

    Now I wouldn't recommend no. 1, and there's no point in worrying if you can do something if you don't give it a go. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start a new chapter in your life !!

    Good luck with the new career :)
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