Level 4 over 2 years

I have been offered the chance to do level 4 over 2 years, day release (from accountancy job). I have never failed an exam in levels 2 and 3, I am not sure whether the tutor is trying to frighten the class saying how hard it is, and how much a big step it is from level 3. Any advice?


  • BlueJeans
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    Hi Melissa

    My advice will be "Go for it!"
    It is harder than level 2&3 but not impossible. As for failing, the re-sits are there for a reason, no shame at all on that. Most of the people who are doing AAT are parents who work, so family & work & studies...not easy after all. The only thing that you need, is motivation and a bit more study (compare to level3)
    The idea of doing it in 2 years, is a great idea, just take your time and I assure you, at the end it will be so worthy. :)

    Believe you can and you're halfway there...
  • CeeJaySix
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    If you work in accountancy and have had no problems so far, yes it's a step up but it's far from impossible. A year is usual for one-day-a-week courses, why are they doing over two? Self studying you can do it far quicker if you want, even fitting around a full-time job.
  • jessbill3
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    Hey :)

    Personally i've found it a big step up... i was one of those people who never had to study for exams, quite academic and things came natural to me... however when it came to level 4 ive found that i NEED to revise, it is a big step up... but i know in myself that when i have failed level 4 exams i havent put the work in... work that little bit harder and work on the written questions as these are not feautured in level 2 and 3 so something else to get used to...

    i'm sure you will be just fine, as people have said, there is no major rush - its not the be all and end all but resits are there :)

    now just need to swallow some of my own advice and get cracking on :(
  • Kelly7
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    I would say it depends on your situation. I never failed any exams in levels 2 or 3 but failed my personal tax twice in level 4 and as I lived at home I was literally going over my work every night, now I live in my own house I know I wouldn't have time to do that. I think doing it over 2 years gives you more time to take everything in and you don't have to give your whole life to it.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

  • MelissaH
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    Thanks all x
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