Level 2 Bookkeeping or Level 2 Computerised Accounting?

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I am working part time and have children but looking to study an AAT qualification and also get some SAGE training. I have been looking at the Level 2 certificate but worried it might be a big commitment straight away. It has been suggested I do the Level 2 Bookkeeping first, and then if I complete that I gain exemption from 2 units of the Level 2 if I wish to take more on. The hours per week actually seem very similar, it's the length of the training that is different. Also I would be self funding so need to be sure I am not spending a lot of money and find its too much, but at the same time would like to gain a well recognised qualification for career progression.
Any pros and cons for either study path would help me greatly in my decision process, particularly how hard the subject matter is in both. Many thanks :)


  • clees
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    personally if your studying from home/distant learning, I would say go for the level 2.
    if you was thinking about doing book keeping and then level 2 it just seems like a waste of time and mostly a waste of money to pay for both, as seperate courses.

    after all, you can study for as long or as little time as you need.

    I am currently doing my level 2 and working, and it’s not too strenuous to juggle both.
    but at the same time it helps to set yourself some time away to dedicate to study.
    but there’s heaps of support and guidance on the AAT website once your signed up as a student.

    hope this helps :)
  • TTomato
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    That's great, thank you. How far are you with your level 2?
  • clees
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    I started about 2 months ago.
    have you decided which course your doing?
    If your able to set a few hours a week asside to study you will be fine.
    I also have kids and a house to run on my own so i understand where your coming from.
    I do mine after the kids bedtime.

    but without the dedication and hard work you will never reep the rewards.

    my motiviation is trying to make a good life for my kids.
  • TTomato
    TTomato Registered Posts: 4
    I think I'm going to do the level 2 computerised accounting. Looking forward to getting started. Thanks for your comments :)
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