Pay Grade for AAT Level 3 Starter?

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I have completed my level 2 like a lot of people this time of year and have been given a pay rise. I do not wish to reveal what it has been raised to but I would like an understanding of what other people are currently on in similar positions to myself.

To put it into perspective I have worked in a small practice for 2 years, I am able to prepare accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies, complete corporation tax returns and I am in charge of the payroll, CIS and VAT. I can also complete Self-Assessments. The Corporation Tax and Self-Assessments are not very complicated admittedly but this is just to give anyone who responds an idea of what I can do.

All replies are appreciated, I am not saying I am hard done too in any way, I am just curious.


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    Forgot to mention, I am 20 if that would make any difference at all.
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    Hi @J_ACO

    Every few years we conduct a salary survey to see what the average salary is for our members at all levels of the qualification.

    Our last survey was in 2013, and the average salary for Level 2 students was £16,000 PA.

    The report does highlight that fact that salaries can differ depending on where you are in the country, so take the figure with a pinch of salt.

    We will be releasing a new and updated salary survey very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support:
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