Double payment of fees

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Just a quick question for everybody really...

I am due to renew my student membership at the end of the current month, however i only have 1 exam remaining which i am due to sit on the 29th July.

I am looking to pay the registration and annual fee to become a full member which could come as soon as September (depending on a pass from my final exam). My issue is that i am going to be paying the annual student membership in July £86.00 and then potentially the full membership in September £45.00 + £139.00.

Is there any chance AAT offset the remaining student fee £86.00 / 12 * 10 = £71.60 against the impending full membership fee or am i just hoping?

Is it just a case of bad timing on my part?

Would love the feedback and views of anybody else in this situation in the past...


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