I am due to complete level 4 in a month or so and I am going on to study Cima. Is there much point in my paying to become a MAAT member??? I will obviously have to join CIMA to study and I don't want to double the fees.



  • Rozzi Rainbow
    Rozzi Rainbow Registered Posts: 465
    I kept my AAT membership whilst I was studying ACCA, mainly so I could use MAAT after my name and, as has been stated already, so I was a full member of a professional body. The AAT offered a reduced MAAT subscription for members who were continuing on to further study, which brought the fee down quite significantly.
  • Lelouch
    Lelouch Registered Posts: 35
    ahhh... This is good to know. Thanks both of you
  • onwards
    onwards Registered Posts: 23
    I myself is MAAT and on second level of CIMA
    I recommend you keep your AAT membership and apply for MAAT for the reasons above also I don't want to sound negative but you may also decide CIMA isn't for you down the line or you may have reasons why further studies are put on hold at some point in the future
    MAAT is good to have until you pass CIMA
    I plan on keeping MAAT even after I complete CIMA
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