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Hi All,

Hoping somebody can help. I am in the process of taking on the payroll for one of my clients. They have in the past used HMRC basic tools. I am using Sage One payroll it asks for an RTI Pay ID. I have asked my client for this but they are having difficulty locating this ID. Can anybody assist? I understood this is allocated to an employee when their 1st RTI FPS has been made. Would it create a big problem if I set up my clients employees without this?


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    RTI Pay ID can be found under HMRC basic tools-> employee record-> employment details -> PayID.

    If your client can't find the ID, it may be that no ID has been assigned as it is not compulsory on the basic tools. Below is the explanation about PayID on the tools.

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    Payroll ID
    If your employee has been allocated a payroll ID, works number or employee number, which you want HM Revenue & Customs to use on any correspondence, enter it here. Otherwise leave this field blank.

    Please note: If you re-employ someone in the same tax year do not use the same payroll ID, works number or employee number that you used for them previously.
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