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Hello everyone
I have done level2,3 in a college and want to start level4 by my self
Can i simply buy the material and book examas an external student ? How can i do isys project by my self ? Anyone did that before ?
Many thanks


  • Lelouch
    Lelouch Registered Posts: 35
    edited July 2015
    Hi, yeah you can just buy all the books you need. My personal preference are the Osbourne books. As for the ISYS project you need to enrol with a training provider, which is pretty pricey about £350-£400
  • minovilla
    minovilla Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks lelouch
    What units you advise me to start with ?are they independent from each other ?
    I already bougth kaplan book for f statement and f perfprmence but will buy osborne for others ....
  • Lelouch
    Lelouch Registered Posts: 35
    I would say that Financial Performance and Budgeting have some overlaps.. But as for an order its your preference. I did Credit control, budgeting, Financial performance, financial statements and I am studying for cash management at the moment. I never really thought I needed to them in any order.

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