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Hello, would like to ask someone who already did level 4 how difficult they find it. I am studying level 3 with Kaplan, I have passed all my exams apart of PETH so far. I have passed my exams mostly as exceeded level and did not find any topic extremely difficult. I am thinking about home study level 4 rather then day study as I found it more beneficial for me to study at home. I do not lack determination and really can push myself to study at home. Quite truly I found going to college as waste of my time. I wonder how difficult is level 4 in comparison with level 3, if there is any new topic which could be hard to understand without tutor's explanation. If it is possible for me to do level 4 at home rather then day study at college
Thanks for any opinions


  • Clayy1990
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    I completed level 2 & 3 using self study and found that i breezed through. I then went on to study level 4 self study, i found it tougher (as you'd naturally expect) but i've just had to allocate extra time to the modules. I've found that extra practice of questions and extra research of subjects i was unsure of have helped massively. I'm looking at sitting my final Level 4 exam this month, it's taken me just over a year to complete self study and this includes working and living. I'd recommend the Osborne Books & the resources AAT provide but as long as you're willing to put in the extra work you should be ok!

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