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Hello everyone hopefully I can get a little help on the following problem
a friend of mine is asking what he should get in his last week of pay - holiday pay wise
The info I have is he has been paid the following gross
week 1 42 hours x £8 = £836
week 2 36 x £8 = £288
week 3 41 x £8 = £328
week 4 34 x £8 = £272
totals = 153 hours = £888
he is owed 2 days holiday (but what we get for these 2 days)
my guessing is it would be the average so:
153 hours / 4 weeks = 38.25 hours
38.25 hours / by working work (5days) = 7.65
2 days = 15.30 * £8 per hour = £122.40 ??

any help would be great



  • mdandre
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    It depends on the contract I guess.
  • onwards
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    Many thanks
  • shamil91
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    Hi there,

    In order to calculate the holiday pay, looking at the weekly working hours there is no fixed hours it changes each week, you would need to collect the total hours of the past 12 weeks that they have worked so how you got 153 hours for the last 4 weeks, you need to gather the data for 8 more week on top, then divide by 12 that should give the average weekly hours from there. Then in order to work out the daily hours worked divide by the working days (5 days) then multiply by 2 in order to give you the 2 holidays taken off then to work the pay multiply it by £8 as that seems to be a fixed hourly rate.

    Hope this helps you out

    Many thanks

    Kind regards

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