MIPs in Banbury area

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Are there any MIPs in my nearby area? I do attend branch meetings but find I'm between three branch areas and they're all over 20 miles away.
I wondered if there's anyone in Banbury and or surrounding villages that would be interested in networking on a smaller more informal basis - perhaps a coffee morning, breakfast meeting or early doors in a local pub. A get together just to talk shop or otherwise and get out of the home office occasionally?
Perhaps there's already something out there I'm not aware of....


  • NatsmommaNatsmomma Feels At Home Posts: 39Registered
    Hi Claire
    I'm not aware of anything in the Banbury area either. I live in a village just outside of Banbury and have been an MIP for 5 years. I'd be happy to meet up and talk shop at some point
  • njtbsnjtbs Posts: 1Registered
    Hi Claire I'm near banbury also. Would get happy to meet up.
  • Claire RClaire R Just Joined Posts: 13Registered
    Hi @Natsmomma and @njtbs Thanks for your reply. I've been away so hadn't seen that I'd had any replies so apologies for my slow reaction. I'll PM you with my contact details and we can sort something out :-)
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