Struggling with level 4

Hi All, :)

I'm really struggling with Level 4, I've now finished college so have learnt the whole syllabus, however I am failing all my exams except Cash Management and ISYS. I have put my heart and soul into this and as a result I have ended up failing and being diagnosed with depression mainly due to this course. :/

I'm trying my hardest to keep positive, so I wondering if anyone has any study tips or support that have worked for them? :)

Thank you all in advance :)
G x


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    Hi, this time last year I was in the same boat having only passed my project. A year on I have one exam left to sit in a couple of weeks. I was very demotivated and fed up, thought I was never going to make it and wanted to give up. I changed jobs and started to do home study using the notes I got from college. I found this loads better, revising an hour or so every night after dinner, instead of going to college 2 nights a week. I have failed some exams 3 times even 4! My last exam PTax I have already taken twice but keeping plodding on. Good luck, let me know if I can help at all because I know exactly how you feel with all this.

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    Hi Georgie

    I work in a college and it's generally recognised that most learners need a lot of support in making the transition from L3 to L4. So don't give yourself a hard time :)

    In terms of tips / advice:

    If you can identify from the exam feedback where you are not meeting the requirement then concentrate on those areas and post any questions you have here on the forum - there are lots of people who offer help (it's a form of CPD!).

    Use all the resources on MyAAT, including examiner's feedback, guidance, etc

    Try using different textbooks if you can get hold of them - they all explain things differently

    Think about exam technique if you feel that might be letting you down (the guidance / feedback on the website is really useful here as it often focuses on common pitfalls, errors etc)

    All the best

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