Confused about a particular content on my resume. Should I keep/remove it?

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Hey guys!

So I am studying at a US university, almost towards graduation, and searching for full-time positions. I'm confused about a particular thing on my resume, and I'm in kind of a dilemma about whether I should keep/remove it. I want to give my recruiters a good impression.
So here goes:

I studied at a previous university for a year, and scored some low grades due to which I was forced to transfer to my current university. I'm doing very well in my current university, and have a good resume.
The thing is, though, I held a really good position at my previous university at this prestigious organization, that projects good leadership, time management and organizing skills. I feel that the content I have mentioned about it on my resume, will go a long way in securing me a job of my dreams.

What I'm worried about though is that if I mention that position, I would also have to put in 'XYZ University' (my previous univ) on the EDUCATION section, and with that comes my GPA. This I feel could give a recruiter a bad impression (though I can be truthful saying that I did a bad job, and justify by saying I've made up for it).

What do I do? Do I retain my experience in that prestigious club? Or should I remove it? Thank you so much in advance!


  • clees
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    tricky one.

    I would say that if you really want to include this 'club' on your CV and believe you have gained skills from it a employer would like, then do so, and put down the other university but dont mension why you left and if a future employer wants to know they will ask.

    you never know they might not ask and you would have shot your self in the foot by mentioning why you left.

    I dont think you should ever mention negative things on your cv, as an employer will judge you based on that before they meet you. (remeber you resume is your real first impression)

    If they ask at interview you can give a very brief and quick explanation, (your grades slipped, but they quickely improved when you moved)

    you shouldnt lie on a resume/cv (sackable offence if found out once offered the job) but you dont have to tell the whole truth.
  • madhu_pro2015
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    Hey Clees. Thanks. That was a thoughtful suggestion.

    So you think I can just go ahead and mention my previous university (without including its GPA), or you think I can just take that university off my EDUCATION section? If they ask why I left out previous university I could still say that since I didn't earn a degree from that university, I didn't think it belonged there. Am I thinking right?
  • clees
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    either will be fine.
    i leave loads of things out of mine, some because there not relivent and some because the grades or the reasons i left wernt to good.

    if a employer asks about the gap in education/employment you should tell them you left after a short time so didnt think it was relevent as you didnt gain anything from that.

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