What can you do,as a qulified accounting technician GLOBALY !

Well as a student with AAT-Home Learning College I`m doing level 2-3 Diploma. I`ll be having my first 2 exams in the coming up month with Pitman Training in Colchester. So I`ve seen many conclusions and terminations about the Accountant Versa Technician termination. I have read many - many reviews and legal requirements and understanding " what does it takes to be a chartered Accountant! Remember being a chartered accountant brings you up to a lot higher legal requirements and standards as someone authorised to close down businesses and its booking system representing HMRC Legal Standard. Me once I become a qualified Accounting Technician will not be able to do so. Also you have to be a chartered accountant to open accounts or even close and finalise it`s concept for the future entry`s. Legally being an accounting technician we study pretty much everything what accounting all about. But we are the Technicians! We are legally responsible to follow and correct errors made by bookkeeper`s or even chartered ones and also required to report anything possibly a fraud or lead to tax fraud. So what I`m trying tell is you have to be sure you work with someone or under someone`s name who is a chartered accountant who is following and protecting the law ! After reading AAT professional ethics and remembering how many times I had to report my employer simply for braking the law at my cost now after having one Hotel Manager fired along with his Restaurant Manager and also having one Agency shut down for braking the law I even know a lot more after reading these books and legislations what we even more should watch out for! Chartered accountant makes at least double much as we could and takes the blame if something goes wrong , but also have a power to put you guys in serious trouble by simply making you a junior accountant. So be careful with whom you are working with as this is a serious game over here. A bad (criminal) chartered accountant not only able to still a loads of tax payers money , when they misfiling taxes to the next tax year and claiming money back for the previous one putting the employee in risk for what ever reason. But also can destroy your future when taking and filing fake invoices and cheques coming into the business. Also specially agencies trying to do things what you should be aware of , as they most likely to employ Illegal workers and most likely to make illegal deductions to them and not paying their holiday pay example , what is the big egg lays on! So we like technicians are the similar to the accounting system as the technician for a machine. Which means pretty much we can identify the problem and corrected and suspect the fact it might not been a co incident but we just identified a criminal activity. Easy to tell when something like this going on around you by measuring the pressure (which isn't really one) and the problems you have to solve. Remember we only know the basics , and also have to respect the law accordingly. But if you think what`s happening isn`t legal at all , just simply contact CITIZENS ADVICE . Takes nothing and their always there to help.

Hope it helped to many of you.


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    Eh? :/ What are you trying to say here? I'm not sure of the point? I struggled to understand nearly all of that. Are you warning against corrupt accountants?
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    Nope , that is probably nothing to do with your social orientation. That is the reason for the topic is GLOBAL not British. You probably need a lot more experience within private firms than rather focusing on the accounting part of it having politics and unions involved.
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    I am finding it hard to comprehend what it is you are trying to express.

    May I recommend that you :-
    i) use paragraphs.
    ii) aim for one point per paragraph.
    iii) structure your writing with an introduction followed by detail followed by either a conclusion, such as your opinion, or a request, such as a request for information.

    These writing strategies will vastly improve your clarity and reader comprehension.

    I hope you take this advice in the positive and constructive manner it is intended.
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    Sure I don`t get offended when someone have an independent opinion. I had this story in Malta with a Firm and this topic is related to the experience I gained there. What was not exactly what anyone would ever expect from a firm handling such amount of accounts.
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