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I've been asked to provide a payroll service for a client (only 1 employee). I'm considering using HMRC basic PAYE tools but there is no payslip with this. I could produce my own payslip template but are there any other options to consider.


  • Gem7321
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    12pay and moneysoft are highly recommended
  • payrollpro
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    Technically speaking we (agents) are not permitted to use BPT, it is freeware and it would be unprofessional to use it as part of a commercially chargeable service. Saying that there are possibilities. For example if the payee is the owner manager without a contract, then they are not an employee for the purposes of S8, Employment Rights Act 1996 and therefore have no right to a payslip. None of my clients bother with payslips even though I send them out, thankfully it is all electronic to there is no cost to me to do them. We are slowly withdrawing them to save time. Other thing is that if it is an OMB set up then there are no AE duties.
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