Green Light Revision - similar to exam question lay out??

Hi there,

I am a distance learner and my accounts preparation exam is fast approaching. Are the green light revision questions similar to how the exam is set out. Beginning to get nervous and need some help. Also are there only two revision papers to practice??


  • RosieCarlisle
    RosieCarlisle Registered Posts: 60
    No, not really. For a start, the questions in the exam are far longer/more in-depth. The Green Light tests are really just a different way of testing yourself. They can be pretty hard, though!

    Yeah there are only two AAT official mocks to work through, but there's other stuff around. Green Light tests, topic presentations, and there are practice exams in the Osborne books if you work with them.
  • AATStudent76
    AATStudent76 Registered Posts: 2
    Ah thanks very much Rosie.
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