Accounting or Business Apprenticeship to get into Accounting

charlene Registered Posts: 4
I'm currently doing AAT level 2 bookkeeping and would like to work in accounting so I can familiar myself by actually doing it. I've looked for apprenticeships but they are mainly aimed at 16-18. not my age 24 as funding is part funded by the company. My other option would be to work in business and self study the accounting alongside it. I've also enquired about volunteering in the accounting to get experience. What other options are their to get into accounting? as it seems a long way.



  • clees
    clees Registered Posts: 33
    Im 23 and started an apprenticeship 5 months ago.
    im studying aat level 2.
    there are oportunities out there for 'older' students.

    when i did my application we had a few assesment days and there was over 160 applicants for 2 possistions but i think they appreciated the fact i was older than the rest and more mature.
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