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Can anyone help,
I have forgotten my formula's for excel. What would be used if you have more than one sheet to collect the information from. Are there any example sheets I could practice on, ie, cost centres actual balances, estimated,ect,ect (from balance sheets)

Been out of the job for so long, so rusty, really what this job!


  • CeeJaySix
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    Are you just trying to total the same cell in several worksheets (one for each cost centre)?

    In which case =SUM(sheetX:sheetY!cellref) where sheetX is the first sheet name and sheetY is the last sheet name should do it - assuming all the sheets are next to each other.
  • StuartW
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    @dcgoodman We've got a useful series of Excel tutorials on AAT Comment which you might want to bookmark.

    If you have a MyAAT account you'll also have access to some free Excel e-learning as part of your AAT membership.

  • dcgoodman
    dcgoodman Registered Posts: 2
    I don't think I explained by query properly, sorry first time on the site. One sheet is main sheet with all info. I then was told to put into another sheet next to a listing of cost centres the values of actuals, estimated then differences columns. So started to panic could think which formulas would be best to use and how too. I started to filter all the cost centre totals, in the main sheet. Then is the sheet where the totals were required did vlookup the cost centre, went to main sheet selected the final totals that I had put in the sum of, entered.
    I know this wasn't the correct way as it duplicated the same sum all done in the various cost centre.
    What should I have used.
    Hope that this makes it sense.
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